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Chemistry, International Student Version, 6th Edition /WIL

Penerbit : WILEY
Penulis : James E. Brady - Neil D. Jespersen - Alison Hyslop
Tahun Terbit : --
Kertas & Halaman : --
Ukuran Buku : Soft Cover
Kategori : Teksbooks / Import
ISBN : --
Harga : Rp 450,000
Rp 405,000

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Chemistry, Sixth Edition will provide the necessary practice, support and individualized instruction that ensures success in the General Chemistry course. This text provides the forum for problem solving and concept mastery of chemical phenomena that leads to proficiency and success in the General Chemistry course.

This edition will continue a "molecular basis of chemistry" tradition, but in a manner that overtly and repeatedly reinforces the way properties at the molecular level are related to properties we observe at the macroscopic level. The unique "chemical tools" approach employed in this book provides a way of thinking that helps those readers develop the ability to analyze and solve both mathematical and conceptual problems. This text follows the successful three-step approach described as `ANALYSIS,` `SOLUTION` and `IS THE ANSWER REASONABLE?` This encourages the reader to think about the problem before attempting to solve it, then working through the solution, and finally asking the important question "Does the answer make sense?" There are problem sets called `Bringing It Together` that contain problems which require readers to bring together concepts from two or more of the preceding chapters. This reinforces learned concepts and builds concept mastery.

New to this edition: 

  • The new edition begins with a new chapter (chapter one) that lays the groundwork for the atomic and molecular view of matter and outlines how these concepts are used throughout the text. This chapter includes a discussion of what chemistry is and the kinds of activities that chemists participate in;
  • Analyzing and Solving Multi-Concept Problems – these new sections in the text demonstrate to students how difficult problems can often be decomposed into a set of similar problems of a type that they have already learned to solve. The emphasis is on the thinking that goes into solving a complex problem. Multi-Concept problems are included at the end of each chapter – the goal is to challenge the student to solve problems that require the application of several different concepts;
  • New figures have been included throughout the text to provide visual meaning to accompanying discussions.
  • In the end of chapter questions and problems, exercises have been added that have a visual component, requiring students to apply molecular concepts developed in the chapter discussions.The end of chapter problems have undergone a reworking to be sure that they provide a range of difficulty, from drill-type problems to more difficult ones; a significant number of `visual` problems that include graphics or molecular structures that need to be explained or manipulated have been added;
  • The three step problem solving process of Analysis, Solution, and asking Is The Answer Reasonable?, which was applied to all worked examples in the 5th edition has been retained. The authors have expanded this to include a fourth step called Assembling The Tools, which appears just following the Analysis step. After analyzing the problem and defining the approach that will be followed to obtain an answer, the authors describe specifically the tools that will be used in the Solution step that comes next.


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