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Practical Indonesian in a Week + Cd Audio /KSB

Penerbit : Kesaint Blanc
Penulis : Restiany Achmad
Tahun Terbit : Cet 2015
Kertas & Halaman : 208 Hal
Ukuran Buku : 13 X 20 cm
Kategori : Bahasa/Arab/Indonesia/Inggris/Kamus
ISBN : 978-979-593-723-4
Harga : Rp 90,000
Rp 72,000

Indonesia is the home to approximately 240 million people, spread across more than 17,500 islands with at least 500 tribes, and more than 700 languages. With such diversity and a vast sea territory including many smaller islands, the Indonesian archipelago provides a rich and unique experience for you to explore. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning... This is your opportunity, said President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in his speech during his first international diplomatic mission (APEC 2014). That reflects how we Indonesians want to open our country to you.

In the past there have only been a limited number of resources available that provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use introduction to the Indonesian language. In this book there is also added benefits like native insights and local cultural knowledge

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